Lloyd Zimet

is the co-owner and founder of Food in Motion began to cook for himself at a young age. While living in Los Angeles and peddling screen plays, like everyone else, he worked for a small catering company that catered commercial shoots and parties. He moved to NYC in 1982 and worked on Wall Street for two years. Having escaped on the laundry truck, he led the catering department at Soho’s original wine bar and then decided to start his own company: Food in Motion.

Michelle Lovelace

was born in Tokyo, Japan and grew up traveling and living throughout the world. Growing up, her was father a pilot and aid to the US commander of European air diplomatic events and parties, where she first learned the service industry. She learned the skills to run a happy and healthy kitchen in the back of the house, while also arranging hors d’oeurves and flowers in the front of the house in her party dress. She makes certain that the stagefor each event is correctly set, that the guests are comfortable and that the event is flawless. With a BA in English and a Masters in Psychiatric Social Work, it was only natural that professional entertaining would be her next step. New York, her home for almost 25 years, is the only place in the world that can match the intensity and excitement of her childhood overseas.

Dexter Zimet

grew up within the daily operations of Food in Motion. His parents brought home sample hors d'oeuvres, took him along to research flavors at staples on school nights and on breaks overseas, and occasionally show up at an event after school to take everything in. At university, he opened a successful juice and health stand and worked as line chef further developing his palette and varied expertise. He graduated with honors in Film from Johns Hopkins, which naturally led him to his current role at Food in Motion.