Lloyd Zimet and Michelle Lovelace founded Food in Motion with a specific vision in mind: bring an artisanal and personalized product for large and small groups. Ever since, we have been committed to providing brilliant food, service, production and décor all with a keen eye on our footprint.

We source the finest ingredients and use local and sustainable farms whenever possible. Our staff is trained to deliver efficient, friendly, and respectful service. We work to meet each request from our clients, taking the time and making the effort to individualize our services as needed. Whether executing an intimate VIP dinner party or a large gala we strive to make the experience feel handcrafted and as appealing as the finest of any New York restaurant. After our events, we meticulously ensure our leftover product ends up donated to those in need or composted.

Michelle was born in Tokyo, Japan and grew up traveling and living throughout the world. Growing up, her father was an Air Force Pilot and Aid to the US Commander of European Air Forces, where she was first exposed to the hospitality industry. She learned the skills to run a happy and healthy kitchen, while also arranging hors d’oeuvres and flowers in the front of the house. She has brought this discipline and attention to detail to Food in Motion, making sure each event is sparkles with equal parts simple and sumptuous. With a BA in English from UC Boulder and a Masters in Psychiatric Social Work from Columbia, it was only natural that professional entertaining would be her next step.

Lloyd Zimet was born and grew up just outside of New York City. After graduating from college he moved to Los Angeles and formed his own catering company while also writing screenplays. In 1984 he moved back to NYC and took over operations for the original SoHo Wine Bar. He turned around the business and then decided to start his own company: Food in Motion.

Dexter Zimet was raised within the daily operations of Food in Motion. His parents had him test new hors d’oeuvres, tag along researching flavors in New York’s brightest kitchens and occasionally attend events to watch the magic happen. While studying at Johns Hopkins, he co-founded a successful juice bar learning the ins and outs of running a food business. After school, Dexter helped open Hudson Food Studio in upstate New York as the initial sous-chef. After a year honing his technical and creative abilities in the kitchen, he returned to Food in Motion where he has since acted and improved all aspects of the business.